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Wattpad Author Thrilled to Finally See Canon Support for Trump x Kanye Fanfiction

The last time this much fanservice happened, R + L = J got confirmed.

BUENA PARK, CA — As Kanye West’s pro-Trump Twitter activity galvanized public interest this week, Hannah K. Smith—also known by her online alias, xX1D_LUVR89Xx—was ecstatic about newfound support for the Trump x Kanye fanfiction she has been writing for years.

“This is definitely support that my ship is 100% canon. I’ve known since 2009, when Trump tweeted about the VMAs, that there was something between those guys,” said Smith, the author of the popular online work The West’s Wings, the tale of a forbidden relationship between West and Trump in the White House. 

“It’s also a slow-burn Vampire AU,” Smith added. “Melania turned Trump, but he realizes that with the bat instincts things are really different—.” Smith did not finish her sentence since her mother arrived to take her to her orthodontist’s appointment.

Acceptance of the ship, however, was far from universal. writer Jacob E. Handjojo (user handle EmoNinja666) strongly condemned the pairing as “mere bromance” and attested that the only truly canon ship was “Trummanuel,” the relationship between Presidents Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron.

Archive of Our Own (AO3) member Winston W. “_DRAGOPONY_” Plano, though refusing to comment on “3D politics,” did confess, “This is interesting material for TreasonShip since I think Hillary and Donald won’t have any more important onscreen meetings.”

Plano and Handjojo are currently collaborating on a longform epic, Love and Collusion, featuring Fem!Putin, Merman!Trump, and Spicer (Kim Possible) struggling with a polyamorous relationship in a Naruto/Last Week Tonight with John Oliver/High School Musicalcrossover High School Soul Mate AU. The work has already garnered more than 17 “Kudos” on AO3. 

“Updates on alternating Tuesdays, unless school and stuff happens,” Handjojo wrote on the site. “Thanks to NastyOphelia on Deviant art for the AMAZING fanart, and you can expect some hot smut in chapter 47 ;DDDDDD!!!!”

At press time, data showed that while both Donye and Trummanuel ships saw gains in the past week, the long canon Donlania ship was close to sinking.

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