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Germany Tired of Doing All the Work on European Project

Chancellor Merkel presents the European Project to the rest of the European Council.
BRUSSELS -- Today Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that her country was tired of doing the bulk of the work on the European Project, and that she would like to see some other countries take on more responsibilities.
"Every time we have a project due, my country ends up doing most of the heavy lifting," said a frustrated Merkel at a press conference. "Maybe for once Greece can get its act together and create the PowerPoint presentation. How are we expected to make the poster and the PowerPoint?"
For his part, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras claims his country has been trying to work with Germany. "We put together the goddamned presentation, but Germany said it wasn't good enough," said a frustrated Tsipras. "Nothing we do is ever good enough for them!"
Amidst the drama, British Prime Minister David Cameron has considered abandoning the project altogether. "Britain has been paying for arts and crafts for years without receiving proper compensation. I know this is a bold project with many noble goals, but come on-- I need the money back."
At press time, former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis was seen sneaking into the offices of the European Council with a pair of scissors and a sledgehammer.
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