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Pixar Backs Away From Incredibles 2 Featuring Mohammed

The super-powered Parr family run to save the Prophet (not pictured) from the villain, Rumsfeld-O.

EMERYVILLE, CA -- Due to recent developments in the Middle East, Pixar executives have decided to postpone the release of The Incredibles 2: Super Prophet.  The film, which follows the super-powered Parr family as they enjoy their family vacation in the United Arab Emirates, contains a three-minute dialogue between Bob, the super-strong father of the Parr family, and Mohammed, the founder of the Islamic faith.

Pixar market analysts claim that the decision to postpone the film’s debut is due to the company’s desire to drum up excitement prior to the release, and not due to the fear that the entire studio will be burned to the ground. 

Director Brad Bird agrees with the executives decision.  “Do I think American audiences are ready to see how the zany Incredibles enjoy their vacation in Dubai?  Yes.  Do I think now is the time to release The Incredibles 2: Super Prophet?  No.  No, I do not.  I want to live.  I am very scared.”

While many Pixar fans are disappointed with the announcement, most agree that the company is probably acting in everyone’s best interest. 

“No, I understand why they’re doing this, and I appreciate their concern for sensitivity,” said local Pixar fan Forrest Nheil. “But I am looking forward to Finding Nemo 2: The Elders of Zion.”

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