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In Pokemon Card Swap, Israel Sends 10 Charizards to Palestine for 1 Magikarp

Gaming experts are criticizing what they call a "n00b move" on the part of Netanyahu.

JERUSALEM -- Following last month's exchange of over 1000 Palestinian prisoners for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, Hamas and the nation of Israel have decided to accelerate negotiations for trading cards in the popular game series Pokemon, reaching a deal late last night.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced this morning that he would be sending 10 Charizard cards to Palestinian leader Ismail Haniyeh in order to regain a single Magikarp card that he had previously lost. Netanyahu expressed his satisfaction with the deal, adding that he would be "throwing in a couple of Dugongs, too. Just glad this whole ordeal is over."

Israel is pleased with Magikarp's return, but the trade has faced criticism from the international gaming community for its seeming inequity.  Charizard, a Pokemon of Charmander-Charmeleleon lineage, is a fire-breather known for its fierce temper and deadly "fire spin" attack. Magikarp is, according to Pokemon enthusiast Jimmy Applegate, "pretty fucking useless."

The two sides may not be done with their series of exchanges: other trades are reported to be in the works, such as the swap of part of the Western Wall for Hazid's Falafel Stand, a food truck operating in the Gaza Strip.

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