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Pranked! Donald Trump Expected meeting with Kim Jong-Un, Not Crab Rangoon!

Donald Trump excitedly meets with the Supreme Leader of the China Buffet.

Early Thursday morning, President Donald Trump abruptly ended a summit in Hanoi, Vietnam following a stunning prank. Sources note that the President entered a meeting room expecting to be greeted by North Korea's Kim Jong-Un, but was shocked to instead find a plate of succulent, delectable crab rangoons on the table. According to bystanders, an unidentified Supreme Leader of North Korea could be heard giggling in the garden nearby. 

Deeply disturbed by the unprecedented prank, President Trump angrily finished the plate of rangoons before storming back to Air Force One and immediately returning to Washington. Commenting on the matter, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated, “We should have seen this coming - I had my suspicions when our security detail was replaced with ten plates of General Tso’s.”
White House correspondent Jane Gonzalez notes that we should anticipate some sort of retaliation from the President soon. “At the next summit,” she says, “we expect President Trump to prank the North Korean Leader with a similar dish.” Insiders have revealed White House chefs are currently cooking up plates of orange chicken.
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