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You’ve Heard of Phallic Symbolism, But What About Phalanx Symbolism?

phalanx symbolism
Pay close attention; phalanx symbolism is all around us.
With the rise of “Phallic Symbolism,” unfortunately people have totally overlooked the amount of Phalanx symbolism in the world.

These square hedges are beautiful, but more importantly clearly resemble a perfect 100x100 mass of Greek soldiers marching into battle during the Peloponnesian War.


This Rubik’s Cube is the gold standard of Phalanx Symbolism. The sides of the cube itself are not only HIGHLY emblematic of a square of battle ready Ancient Greek warriors, but the sides are comrised of highly phalanx like colored squares.


A pan of brownies? All I see is 30,000 Macedonians preparing to sacrifice their lives for the betterment of their civilization.

Right in our own backyard. Saloniki? Yeah, we see you. 

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