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Jar Jar Binks-Centered Film Surprisingly Well Recieved

"There-sa bein' muy muy tings in Hebben and Coruscant, Horatio..."

Initially skeptical Star Wars fans were shocked earlier this week at their lack of outrage following the release of Star Wars Episode VII: Call of the Gungan.

“Huh,” said Henry Kaminer.

 Movie patrons streamed out of theaters early Friday morning completely flummoxed by their unanticipated enjoyment of the two-hour movie, which follows Jar Jar Binks’s Shakespearean fall from grace at the hands of a scheming courtier in the Gungan capital.

 “Daniel Day Lewis can suck it,” said a disconcertedly ebullient Michael Hendricks. “That was better than Lincoln, Gangs of New York, and The Last of the Mohicans combined. Naboo-yah!”

“I thought that the ‘To be-sa, o’ not to-be-sa’ speech would really fall flat, but I found myself tearing up,” said one fan, who asked to remain anonymous while he figures his shit out.  

The last few days have witnessed an explosion of fan fiction based on the film, the majority focused on a charged moment between Jar Jar Binks and C3PO in the third act. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs are clamoring to be the first to put out a line of Jar Jar tie-in colognes.

LucasFilms has already announced plans for a sequel, amid rumors that Short Round from the Indiana Jones series will play a starring role. 



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