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Sad: These Students Want to Buy Glasses from Warby Parker but They Can't Find It Yet

Whoops! No one can find Warby Parker because no one has glasses yet!

Herds of visually challenged people have been wandering about the Square, tripping over poorly placed bricks and bumping into Charlize, the woman (-0.25 prescription) who calls out your number at Tasty Burger. It's a shame these poor, glassesless souls are incapable of knowing that an Eyeglass Elysium with low, low prices is just a burger's throw away. Like God Himself, they cannot see the source of their own salvation. Yikes!

Plagued by a slow first few weeks, the good people down at Warby Parker finally got the memo that their marks couldn’t find the store. To remedy the situation, they put up a billboard with directions, but boy oh boy did that not help. Absolutely hopeless!

Oh no, Jerry (-3.00 prescription) just wandered off Weeks Bridge in search of Warby Parker! The only thing you’ll find down there is Cambridge Atlantis, Jerry. Ha! But he doesn’t even have it the worst. Darren (-10.00 prescription) has just been out in front of the store, pawing at the door, trying to find the doorknob. Erica (-100.00 prescription) hasn’t had any liquids for four days! Which one does she need more—eye glasses or water glasses?

Some of the blurry-bodies are getting very disgruntled. A pack of six even burnt down the IC, one yelling, “Yeah, well I don’t see!” How’d they find the IC but not Warby Parker? Oy vey!

Image credit: Cambridge Patch

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