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Blocking Drama: First-Year Actors Confused by Definition of 'Blocking'

"Six, Going on Seven? Or something like that. Just figure it out."
CAMBRIDGE, MA As soon as Carolyn Kaplan ’22, director of Sound of Music in the Ex, instructed the seven members of the Von Trapp ensemble to "get blocking down immediately" during rehearsal, the group of freshmen collectively panicked.

“What?” Tommy Weiss ’23, Von Trapp member #2, exclaimed. “I thought we had until March 2nd to figure it all out.”

“Nooooo!” Kaplan responded. “I said blocking had to be perfected by today. Ok split up into your groups and then link hands at the chorus.”

The ensemble anxiously looked at one another, taking approximately 15 minutes to form into two groups. They kept asking for each member's "favorite things” and eventually said “So Long, Farewell” to Baroness Elsa Schraede ’23, who wouldn’t stop spilling tea with her fancy bouillon spoon.

Allison Smith '23, Von Trapp member #7, finally spoke out. “Are you sure we have to be with 6 other people? I thought I could just float on my own.”

Kaplan shook her head, “Remember, you guys are a family - you’re living together and everything. You haven’t seen anyone else in 3 years. Stand closer to each other for heaven's sake!”

At press time, Weiss and Smith quit the play, fearing that being in a 7-person blocking group would place them in the quad and doom them to 3 years of nonfictional isolation.


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