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Confused Blocking Group Sorted into Cabot Library

Harvard Science Center and Cabot Science Library
Cabot Science Library makes Adams House seem far away from the Yard.

Cambridge, MA –– Amid the raucous Housing Day festivities, one blocking group was left in a state of confusion after getting placed in the Cabot Science Library for the next three years.

While others around their entryway were stormed by screaming upperclassmen in various states of undress and insobriety, Jason R. McManus '21 and his blocking group were left with nothing but a note slipped under their door by a Securitas guard informing them of their housing results.

“I always assumed that the people sleeping on couches were just exhausted STEM concentrators,” said a bewildered McManus. “But maybe they’re just the upperclassmen whose glass-walled rooms have been reserved for ‘study sessions.’”

His blocking group felt fine about the result. “I was terrified when I saw ‘Cabot” written in huge letters,” commented McManus’ p-set partner Sam P. Brown '21, “but now I’m more relieved than anything that it meant the library. At least it’s not the Quad, right?”

The Clover in the Science Center will serve as the group’s main dining hall, extending its hours to include a brain break shift from 9:30pm to midnight. The chemical contamination showers outside labs will also be made available for student use after hours.

“I really don’t think it will be so bad,” said group member Alex Chavez. “I practically live in Lamont already, so actually living in Cabot shouldn’t be too different. I hear they have Legos on the second floor too, so that’s a definite perk.”

According to reliable sources, their linking group was sorted into Lowell Lecture Hall.

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