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Dean Dingman Hands Out Wrong Batch of Brownies to Striking Workers

Dean Thomas A. "Tommy D" Dingman holding the regular brownies. Oh shit, which batch was this? Let's go with regular.
CAMBRIDGE, MA -- Though Local 26 and the Harvard Management Corporation have yet to negotiate a new contract, the first few days of the HUDS strike have not been without their share of drama. A low point was reached at lunchtime today, as Harvard Dean of Freshman Thomas A. "Tommy D" Dingman '67 accidentally distributed the wrong batch of homemade brownies to striking HUDS workers.
"Aww fuck, dude," the self-proclaimed Dean of Phresh was heard exclaiming as he saw protesters asking each other if they've ever "looked at swai, like, really looked at it."
"I meant to make some bitchin' desserts for the HUDS workers, but my boy Skeech delivered some sick ganja the other day, and I made two different batches," said Dingman. "Now ya boi's gonna have to watch Sully totally clean tonight."
For their part, strikers and protesters seem far less stressed. Liam Harrington, a Dunster House grill cook, accurately summed up the mood on the picket when he announced, "Like, does anyone wanna make some pizza with grapes on it? I mean, like, I'm making it, but if I make some, will you have some? Shit I'm thirsty, man."
Dingman's attempts to provide beverage service have proven similarly futile following the discovery that the only liquid in his kitchen is Pomegranate Rubinoff.

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