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Gov Concentrator Actually Has No Political Ambitions

NOTE: This is not the White House

CAMBRIDGE, MA—Sam Seward ‘16, a Government concentrator in Quincy House, shocked the Harvard campus today when he announced that he has no political ambitions.

“Not even state senator,” said Seward, standing in front of a crowd of reporters and passers-by who caught wind of the announcement. “I just like political science. From a purely academic standpoint.”

Seward’s announcement amazed and confused onlookers. To some, though, it came as a pleasant surprise.

“HA! I GOT ONE!” said Steven Levitsky, Professor of Government 20: Foundations of Comparative Politics, before spray painting “competitive authoritarianism sucks butts” outside CGIS-Knafel and sprinting down Cambridge Street in celebration. 

Seward went on to dispel rumors that he will switch to Sociology at the last minute. “Nope,” said Seward. “I actually like this." 

At press time, no Social Studies concentrator could be reached for comment, but the Committee on Degrees in Social Studies released a list of pertinent philosophical texts.


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