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Harvard Football Beats, Um, Brown? Did We Play Brown?

Is this - is this good for us? Are we the red ones?

Last Saturday Harvard’s football team claimed another win over a team that was probably Brown, possibly Columbia, most likely not Notre Dame.

 The wide receiver caught the ball some number of times, and the linebacker ran with the ball for a good number of minutes. It is also reported that the quarterback threw the ball, giving Harvard a huge advantage over the opposing team.

 Football is a sport.

 Team Captain Richard Leigh scored a touch down at what can only be described as the climax of the game, earning points for the team (3 points? 4? Does anyone have access to Wikipedia?). The other team scored a pat down after the intermission, but was not able to catch up to all the stroke downs that Harvard won. The referee also called that no one was safe.

 When asked for his thoughts on the game, senior Andrew Greene said, “Wait, Harvard has a football team?”

Harvard ultimately won with a score bigger than the score the other team (Brown? Columbia?) got.  

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