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I'm So Nervous About Housing Day

Living in Lowell would be great. It's getting renovated soon...I think. Oh god.

By Cognitive Dissonance

Here we go. The big day. I know I’m supposed to be really excited, but I just can’t seem to get myself into the right mood. I have a midterm tomorrow; I’m horrified of getting a bad housing assignment; and I’m going to have to labor endlessly within the subconscious of most of the freshman class. You could say I’m pretty stressed out.

I just don’t understand how all of these upperclassmen can be so happy despite their miserable accommodations. “Oh don’t worry, it’s about the community,” they say. Puh-leeze. How can they kid themselves like that? It’s almost as if there’s a phylogenetic evolutionary mutation that induces an urge to reduce mental distress in times of contradictory beliefs and behaviors. Ha.

My blockmates say I just need to chill out and focus on my midterm. Psh, easy for Self-Perception Theory to say—she doesn’t even have a housing preference! And if I hear The Invisible Hand talk about the inevitably of “housing equilibrium” one more time, I’m going to give him the Visible Finger.

This happened during Opening Days too. Living in Canaday has only been slightly terrible- I get to see my roommates at least twice a semester! But that totally got better. And the Quad isn't so far away. In fact, I bet I'll enjoy the walk. Right?


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