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List of Things that Didn't Last As Long as the HUDS Strike

The HUDS strike before it came to a merciful end, somehow taking longer than a number of wars.

As the HUDS workers' strike comes to an end, Satire V has compiled a list of things that didn't last nearly as long:

  • The Six Day War
  • The Anglo-Zanzibar War
  • A small number of wars, okay?
  • Vanessa Hudgens' post-Disney career
  • [Insert GOP candidate] for President 2016
  • Ken Bone's innocence
  • That dude you took home from the Spee
  • The UC's mobile app
  • The UC's second mobile app
  • Smith starring Ray Liotta on CBS (We haven't forgotten, Ray)
  • Curly fries at lunch the other day
  • The Crimson's Reign as Best Campus Publication
  • Your mom. Ha! Got you there!
  • The Lampoon's Reign as Best Campus Publication
  • This listicle



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