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Natalie Alvarrez Just Saw Your Email

Natalie Alvarrez, a senior in Currier house has finally responded to your email after "not seeing it." "I literally just saw this email from you and I would love to grab dinner with you some time!" said the short response from Alvarrez, senior in Currier House.  Sources near to Alvarrez confirm that she definitely did not put a star next to your message when it arrived in her inbox 14 hours ago. Although you did see Alvarrez check her iPhone earlier today from your vantage point in the last row of Science Center B, its entirely possible she was just checking her texts or logging into Facebook. She is a very busy woman and even if she had the time, why would she call an "emergency" meeting of all 7 of her blockmates to debate a suitable response? 

Just to play devil's advocate, what would she even want to ask them about at such a meeting? The rumor that the last time you went out on a date (you know that time in sophomore year with Julie Spencer) you got nervous and vomited all over Julie's brand new dress? The fact that you let a guy (Willie Schmidt) kiss you at a QSA party during freshman year while you were "experimenting"? 

Come on Julian, no one remembers any of those things anyway. Get a grip.


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