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Prefrosh Goes to the SOCH, Chooses Yale

Wow, it looks even shittier on a nice spring day.
CAMBRIDGE, MA - After attending this year's Visitas Activities Fair at the Student Organization Center at Hilles (SOCH), several prospective students announced that they had chosen to attend Yale in the fall. 
"At first, I was really excited about all of the academic and extracurricular activities that Harvard had to offer. But then I saw the SOCH," said Amy Jordan, a prospective member of the Class of 2019, referring to the 50,000 square-foot structure of cracked concrete and glass, which, according to its Wikipedia page, was designed by an architect in the 1960s who liked to get high and then look at M.C. Escher drawings. "I just don't know if I feel comfortable attending a school that is willing to build such a thing."
In an official statement, Harvard University spokesperson Donald Ronfeld noted that the SOCH is a valued and central part of the community. "If you squint, it looks like a dog," he added. "A grey, misshapen dog, but a dog nonetheless."
Over 200 prefrosh were unable to attend the Activities Fair, because when they asked current students where SOCH was, no one knew.
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