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Harvard Community Gathers To Collectively Lie To Prefrosh About Student Life

STUDENT ORGANIZATION CENTER AT HILLES -- Harvard's student body came together in a rare moment of unity in the SOCH today to lie to prefrosh about student life during Visitas accepted students weekend.

“Wow, we have so many things to do on the weekend!” discreetly shouted Elliot L. Morris ’17, member of a campus publication, as high school students emerged from the Harvard Square T stop and stepped out of taxis in Harvard Square. “I feel so welcome here, and I like every person so much!” He added that he and his friends had finally learned to smile.

Prefrosh Goes to the SOCH, Chooses Yale

CAMBRIDGE, MA - After attending this year's Visitas Activities Fair at the Student Organization Center at Hilles (SOCH), several prospective students announced that they had chosen to attend Yale in the fall.