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Self-Care Win! This Student Took a Nap After a Long Day of Accomplishing Nothing

Seeber takes a hard-earned nap after accomplishing nothing.

In a bold move in support of mental health, Mather senior Thomas Seeber awoke at 11:15 a.m. on Saturday only to go back to sleep 3.5 hours later. Given his lack of commitments for the day, Seeber decided that the best use of his time would be to elongate the period during which he was unconscious.

“I just got up, scrolled through Facebook for a while, went to the dhall for some brunch, and went back to bed,” Seeber said. “You’d be surprised how exhausted you can get after such a short period of time.”

Despite the looming deadlines of his multiple midterm papers and psets, Seeber knew that his health comes first and therefore found the time to enjoy an additional two REM cycles.

Upon first hearing of Seeber’s uneventful day, Seeber’s friends reasoned that he must be underslept and in need of rest. This suspicion was promptly refuted by the realization that he had gotten 9 hours of sleep the prior night.

“Self-care is really important,” Seeber’s friend and enabler Maria Jimenez said. “Harvard can be so stressful, you know? I don’t blame him for needing a break.”

Seeber justified his apparent time mismanagement by stating he was still “brainstorming topics” for one of his midterm papers and therefore couldn’t yet begin writing.

“Writing is a very cerebral process,” Seeber said. “And I learned that the best way to come up with ideas and work through problems is to sleep on it. I figure, the more I nap, the more likely it is that I have an idea when I wake up.”

At press time, Seeber was still in his pajamas, with no plans to change.

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