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SHOCKING: Event that Would Not Have Been Well Attended in Person Also Not Well Attended on Zoom

Can you spot me? I'm the one who's bored

ZOOM— This past week, Mather House hosted a public service career panel with its alumni and HoCo moderating the panel. Though in the past this event has drawn no more than 10 people at a time, the house was “optimistic” for a strong showing this year. 

“You know, I really feel like the virtual format just allows people to be even MORE present, ya know? It’s like, I can go to this in PJs? Sign me up!!” Resident Dean Margot Fulmer said. On Facebook, there were 20 people who reported ‘going,’ and another 10 who pressed ‘interested,’ but reports say that there were only a total of five people who showed up, despite the board of moderators having seven people. 

There was a slideshow that was approximately 10 minutes long, leaving another 50 for ‘q + a.’ Preston Bone ’23 intended to come ‘for like, five minutes’ before showing up and realizing she was the only one there. She ended up staying for 30 minutes making awkward conversation until Mark Peters ’21 showed up at 7:45, when she hastily logged off, typing she “unfortunately has another meeting to run to,” giving a short wave without unmuting herself.  

Moderators made sure to plug their “zoom stein” before logging off, for which they hope the “virtual white claw” (a pun on the dean’s white cat) would bring the community together: that or the undeniable community culture zoom effuses. 

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