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Student Overwhelmed by Amount of Witty Posters

CAMBRIDGE, MA—Eliot resident Steven G. Streidbach ’14 announced to his roommate yesterday that he was “fucking done with all of these cute, clever posters and flyers around campus, dude.”

These student-created posters, which inform the Harvard community about various events and organizations on campus, often employ humorous graphics and witticisms that Streidbach says make him “fucking sick.” Streidbach cited WHRB’s “Vinyl Club” posters and Hasty Pudding Tech’s flyers as especially egregious offenders.

“It’s fucked up, man. I can’t even walk to class without seeing fifteen perfectly-kerned puns on my way,” Streidbach lamented to his roommate. “I wish that Harvard kids would fucking apply their goddamn intelligence to something useful instead of making all of these aesthetically-pleasing, highly-intellectual advertisements for their stupid-ass events and clubs.”

Streidbach’s roommate made a noncommittal shrugging gesture and returned to working on his problem set.

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