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Teaching Fellow Realizes He Is Not Invited to Faculty Dinner

"I like fancy cheese too..."

As the semester draws to a close, Jason Michaels, a Teaching Fellow in government, came to the conclusion earlier this week that he has not been and will not be invited any of the 13 faculty dinners this semester. Michaels, who is rapidly approaching 40 years old, recognizes mistily that he is at the awkward age at which he “is too old to be considered the sexy TF, but still too young to be the wise one.” Out of the 21 course staffers, Michaels was the only one to not be invited to a single dinner.

 “We would always talk in the lunchroom about the upcoming dinners,” Michaels recalls. “Everyone but me was invited to the freshman dinner in Annenberg. They say that one’s the easiest to get into.” In fact, not only were the 20 other course staffers invited to the Freshman Faculty Dinner, they were also all in attendance, and the course head took them all out for drinks afterwards.  

 Despite occasionally bringing in treats from Dunkin Donuts, Michaels was not offered the opportunity to sit down for a more substantial meal by any one of the students in his 15- person section. Four of the students in his class are affiliated with Lowell House, so Michaels remembers believing himself to be a “shoo-in” for an invitation to that dinner, but this was not the case.

 “I’m a good TF,” Michaels maintains. “This whole thing was a great learning experience. Next semester, I’m going to be sure to up my sex appeal from day one of shopping period with slouchy beanies and skinny jeans. My age is a huge disadvantage, but next semester, I’m going 13 for 13."

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