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Faculty Dinner

Student Asks Professor to Faculty Dinner “Just As Friends”

CAMBRIDGE, MA--In an occurrence that sources are describing as even more awkward than his recent request for an extension 9 hours before a paper was due, local undergraduate Noah Richardson '18 is reported to have asked his SLS 20 professor, Dr. Daniel Gilbert, to the Dunster House Faculty Dinner "just, like, as friends."

Teaching Fellow Realizes He Is Not Invited to Faculty Dinner

As the semester draws to a close, Jason Michaels, a Teaching Fellow in government, came to the conclusion earlier this week that he has not been and will not be invited any of the 13 faculty dinners this semester. Michaels, who is rapidly approaching 40 years old, recognizes mistily that he is at the awkward age at which he “is too old to be considered the sexy TF, but still too young to be the wise one.” Out of the 21 course staffers, Michaels was the only one to not be invited to a single dinner.

Student Devastated After Hot TF Won’t Put Out Post-Faculty Dinner

What began as a seemingly perfect date night ended in utter tragedy this past Tuesday night as Kirkland Sophomore Jeremiah Fisler came to the realization that Sarah Silverson, his 27 year-old Sex and the Citizen TF, would not put out – even after two glasses of Kirkland’s finest Chateau Domaine de I’Eglise.

Fisler ensured that his extending an invitation to Silverson was not simply a ploy to bring up his less than satisfactory C- in the class, claiming that he honestly loved Sarah and was honored to be able to spend any time with her, if only for one night.