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TF Sure You Did The Readings

Benson ponders what he will do in next week's section, but honestly it's going to be the same shit, as always.
CAMBRIDGE, MA-- Yesterday Harvey Benson, a TF for Culture and Belief 23, announced in his 3 pm section that he would continue talking about the readings because he "was sure you did them."
Benson, who normally conducts section under the assumption that you did the readings, decided to verbalize the tacit agreement when he started to feel like you might not have been keeping up with the assigned texts. Although Benson considered asking more specific questions about the readings to test his theory, he instead opted for the passive-aggressive route.
"I said to myself, These are adults. I need to level with them," said Benson. "So that's why I decided to be cheeky about it."
According to reports, Benson announced that he "trusts that you did the Smith reading" before slightly pausing, looking around the room, and continuing with his review of the week's material.
"I happen to do the readings every week and make careful annotations, so I especially loved it when Harvey implied that neither I nor anyone in the class had done them," said Gabrielle Peters '17. "Learning environments should be full of as much vague animosity as possible."
At press time, Benson announced that he's confident you have read the collaboration policy on the syllabus, and that he's certain you've read the instructions for next month's take-home exam.
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