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UC To Spend Emergency Funds On Only Food Worse Than HUDS Strike Food

By the looks of things, Mather students should feel right at home.
CAMBRIDGE, MA--In a landmark decision, the Harvard Undergraduate Council voted 214-1 to spend $1,100 of their Emergency Fund on Costco sandwiches for students. The sandwiches, which Costco advertises as "a wonderful serving of chicken mayo, egg mayo, roast beef and cheese, and ham and cheese sandwiches," is intended to provide a college-wide "healthy" study break for students sometime this week.
In the wake of rising unrest during the strike, the UC hopes that the appearance of Costco sandwiches one night in the dining halls will help raise students' morale. In the words of one UC member, Caleb Nordland '19, "I mean just imagine, you're walking into Annenberg and you think it's going to be beef stew, and then BAM! Chicken mayo from Costco. That would be enough to get someone to vote Caleb Nordland, UC President, 2018!" 
However, the proposal has met mixed reviews from students. George Carter '18 voiced his support, claiming, "Wait, Costco makes sandwiches? That's pretty cool, I guess," but other students have expressed more disappointment. One of them, Ashley Caruso '17, declared, "If I wanted to eat something called 'egg mayo' and that weird shredded lettuce, I would just keep eating in the dhalls." 
When asked about the students' concerns, a spokesperson for the UC explained that the approved legislation is a result of careful planning and negotiation. In fact, the UC decided that Costco sandwiches would be a more cost-effective alternative to the original plan, which proposed spending the $1,100 on 4 croissants and 6 coffees from Tatte. 
At press time, UC Representatives were seen dreaming about a time when all they had to worry about was berries.
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