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University Officials Announce New Student Social Space

Live music is a key part of any student social space, especially the PIT.

After months of complaints from dissatisfied students asking for new and improved social spaces, University officials have announced the opening of a new social space geared specifically towards undergraduates – the Pusey Interhouse Tavern, or the PIT. 

 Smartly located in the center of Harvard Square, with easy access to Pinkberry, Starbucks, and the subterranean Harvard T Station, the PIT is sure to be a popular venue among Harvard undergraduates. 

 “I’m really glad the administration has finally delivered on their promises, and given students a great place to hang out in the middle of campus” said sophomore Billie Talbot.  

 The PIT is a student’s dream, featuring stairs, brick benches, a newsstand, and occasional live music, while warm updrafts of air from the T station provide a mellow atmosphere.

 Added Talbot: “The brick benches are great places to meet new people, like those two Vietnam vets!  But one of their dogs bit me. I might have rabies.  But hey – I’m right next to UHS!”

 Harvard alumni applauded the new PIT, which was built on time and under the allotted $10,000 social space budget. 

 Only Dean Dingman criticized the PIT, remarking that the FDO would have made a far superior social space, due to “superior keg access” and “waterbeds.”

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