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Women's Center Unveils Privilege Check

Cambridge, MA—As part of a slew of new renovations designed to promote inclusiveness, the Women’s Center today unveiled their new “privilege check”. The facility, located behind a Rawlsian Veil of Ignorance and adjacent to the pre-existing coat closet, allows visitors to the Women’s Center to check their privilege before entering the facility beneath the Canaday dorms.

Most students, like Leverett junior Alexander Weismann who is “thrilled” because it can get “pretty stuffy down there with all this privilege,” approved of the new addition, but there are still some naysayers. When asked for comment, a spokesperson for Room 13 simply remarked that the Women’s Center should “check its privilege-checking privilege.”

Women’s Center officials further announced that the new service would be available at no cost, but that the center cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen privilege. As of press time, freshman Denise Simmons was looking for the idiot who took her white privilege and left her with male privilege by mistake.

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