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You Go, Girl! Economics Department Proud of Its Generous Curves

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Look at all those proud department heads.
On a grade-obsessed campus, Harvard's Economics department is taking a bold stance: The department announced today that it is proud of all of the generous curves its courses provide. You go, girl!
"It's a sad fact that most media just don't talk positively about classes with big curves," said a department spokesperson. "I can't remember the last time I saw a Q guide review that empowered classes just happen to be a little more inflated."
Wow! We love to see departments stand up against unrealistic grading standards! The department insisted that it deserves to be judged based on the content of its syllabi, not on the fact that a 30% on its finals constitutes a passing grade. 
"Numbers are simply numbers. Just because I set my A/A- cutoff at two standard deviations below the mean does not mean that I partake in unhealthy academic standards," said Charlie R. Harlock, the James and Edna Anderson Professor of Academic Leniency. "This is just the way we were made. It seems like we're taught from a young age to celebrate classes with slim pass rates and hardly any grade bumps at all!"
At press time, department officials were producing a song titled "All About That Ace" to include in marketing materials next year.
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