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Dismantle the Final Clubs and the Industrial-Technological Complex

By Ted Kaczynski ‘62

I’ve been sitting on the sidelines of this conversation for long enough, and I can no longer justify remaining silent.  We need to dismantle the final clubs and the industrial-technological system. 

There comes a point in the life of certain institutions when the costs that they incur outweigh the benefits that they provide.  I believe that Harvard final clubs have reached that point.  I also believe that industrial society has reached that point.

The final clubs are morally reprehensible.  I am disgusted by the exclusivity, misogyny and classism that they display.  I am equally disgusted by the fact that the advance of society since the industrial revolution has led to widespread misery and injustice.

We all know what the answer to the final club problem is.  The natural way to address the myriad problems plaguing the clubs is a university-wide initiative to disband them altogether.  Similarly, the natural response to the technological prison that is oppressing our society is a campaign of systematic terror and violence.  We all know how to fix these two problems, we’re just too afraid to admit to ourselves that these steps must be taken.

All of us, even final club members, know that the clubs are not in line with our moral compasses.  We all have that uneasy feeling in our gut that tells us that what they’re doing is just not ok.  We are all well aware that we have a moral obligation to disband the clubs.  We also have this very same moral obligation to free society from the technological demon, even if it means we must take a few lives along the way.  Some have told me that instigating a violent revolution is an excessively drastic action, but sometimes we have to make these kinds of hard choices in order to live in a way that is in line with our morals.  If only the leaders of the final clubs understood that.   

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