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Does Anyone Know How to Work This Thing?

This sign flashed across the projector screen as Sam attempted to help your professor.
By Your Professor
Alright everyone let's get started. Now, as you can see on the first slide here...hang on. Okay I think I got it. As you can...what the...? I think something might be wrong with the projector. Does anyone know how to work this thing?
Oh this darned thing. Does anyone have a Lenovo laptop? One of you must have used PowerPoint before. Where's the head TF? Sam are you– oh there you are. 
Can you fix this? What? Of course I connected the wire. Do you think I might need a new wire? Well can you get a new wire? You know, back when I was in grad school we didn't have any of these wires or screens...
Just hang tight everybody. Talk amongst yourselves for a few minutes.
Do you need any help, Sam? I don't know much about computers but maybe some of the students do. Yeah, sure, I'll ask.
Does anyone want to volunteer to head over to HUIT to get a new wire? Sam says the wire is the problem. What kind of wire is it–
Wait, never mind! Sam thinks it's going to work! Well done, Sam!
Where was I? So as you can see on the first slide here, we begin with...uh oh. Sam, can you come back up here? The clicker doesn't seem to be working either. 
Hang tight everyone!

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