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Why I’m Not Accepting Candy Handouts: An Editorial By Cambridge Middle School Student Randy Mankiw

These are false gains! You should be buying this! Who is paying for this? Society.


 We all hear it and, as much as we want to deny it, it’s an inevitable fact of life: “You have to grow up.”

And that’s why I’m encouraging my fellow middle school students not to accept candy handouts from the citizens of Cambridge this Halloween season.

Sure, I’ll admit it: the so-called tradition of “trick or treat” is fun. Any seventh grader will tell you the same thing.  But we all have to realize there is a serious problem hiding beneath this seamlessly innocent, annual event.

You may try to scare your friends away by dressing as a goblin or ghoul, but what you are really doing through this act is scaring away the awesome power of the greatest ghost of them all—the invisible hand.  Obstructing free trade in the candy market creates a burden for our social circles. And, more importantly, it makes our fathers escort us around town on a cold October night for little to no reason at all. After studying my…I mean…my Dad’s simple graphs of supply and demand, literally any seventh grader with algebra experience can understand that fact.

 So I ask my fellow students: trick or treat? Your answer should be neither. In this world full of tricks, we can’t have babies in our schools that depend on others’ treats. Happy Halloween.

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