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After Months of Rehearsing, Improv Troupe Assures Audience That Nothing Is Scripted

Improv troupe
The Spontaneous Laughs Out of Literal Thin Air players perform a skit that has never, ever been performed before.

BROOKLYN - Last night, the improv troupe Spontaneous Laughs Out of Literal Thin Air delivered a sidesplitting performance without missing a single meticulously-memorized line.

Despite ringleader Rachel Wagner’s deftly parroted spiel that “everything you are about to see is completely made up on the spot,” the shows’s dialogue, joke delivery, and exaggerated physical gags have remained untouched since the group’s formation in 1992.

“I get $30 a show to sit in the audience and shout ‘A MAILMAN AT THE DMV!’ when Rachel asks the crowd for a job and location to inspire the night’s show,” said dedicated plant Jacob Lee. “Then I have to run to the back of the theater and hold up the cue cards.”

This run was a night to remember for the group, recently named the third-funniest improv troupe on 42nd Street by Time Out. The twelve-strong crowd of disappointed parents and obligated significant-others chuckled uncomfortably nearly six times through the three-hour performance, shattering their previous record of three pity giggles.

The troupe pondered why tonight’s performance stood out: “I ate Trix instead of Froot Loops this morning,” Rachel mused. “Or maybe it’s Jacob’s new socks?”  

Others credit the audience: “The scene where the mailman waits in line really killed,” said the troupe’s resident sex joke expert and local pervert Marty “Hard-y” Johnson. “An unbelievably receptive crowd tonight. Just throbbingly receptive.”

Still, despite the home-run performance, self-professed crowd pleaser Sheila Brennigan expressed concern for the show’s longevity due to her signature gag. “Every weeknight for 24 years, I’ve slammed all 350 pounds of myself into the same spot on the stage floor. I think it’s compromising the foundation of this building.”

“I’ll just rebuild if the theater collapses,” explained club owner Francis Keaton of the troupe’s extensive damage to her theater. “Rachel’s mom is my parole officer. All I can really say is ‘yes and.’”

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