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Group Chat Name Changed to Inside Joke You’re Not a Part Of

Haha...oh, Steve-O...

On October 20th, what was at first a simple problem set group chat quickly became something much more intimate and involved, but you were never ready for this. What was first called “Problem Set Buds” was changed to “Steven’s Extra Nipple.” You don’t even know who Steven is.

Felipe from the group chat alleges: “No I’m pretty sure you were there too at that thing we invited you to…right?”

You weren’t, according to eyewitnesses, who were there.

In attempt to save face, you texted to the group chat “Steven how does it feel to have a third nipple lmaooo.” As you were wondering if you put too many o’s in “lmao,” Alanis responded to this text, saying: “Steven isn’t in this chat.”

You went to the chat settings to leave the chat but the button was no longer there, and you didn’t know why. A text from 345 667 9902 came into the chat. You did not have their contact in your phone, and their area code was "West". They replied: “We might have to give you an extra nipple too hahahah.”

What the fuck does that mean?

Before you were able to dismiss this as a joke that didn’t make sense, four members of the chat used the “ha ha” reaction in response to the message. You did it too to fit in. To change the subject, you sent your answers to the problem set the chat was meant for, but sources report no member replied for upwards of 30 hours.

A member of the chat you are closest to, Elena, shared about the incident: “I can’t stop laughing about Steven’s extra nipple, I mean the other chat was laughing so hard about it. I mean… there is no other chat. Hahaha.”

At time of publication, the groupchat name was changed again, this time to “One Nipple Remains.”

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