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It's Not Too Early To Be Pessimistic About The Red Sox

Poor fundamentals will be key to disappointing thousands of fans this season.

BOSTON, MA—Although the Red Sox have yet to play a single game, CBS Sports writer Pete Prisco issued a report on Thursday stating that it is not too early to feel pessimistic about the 2012-2013 season. “In years past, it might have made sense to wait until they started the season with a ten-game losing streak, or lost the entire pitching staff to a botched exorcism before giving up on the season, but clearly the time to submit is now.” The report outlined all the elements that make the Red Sox ready to flounder in expensive mediocrity. “The roster boasts a ragtag bunch of misfits unheard of this side of a heart-warming underdog story, a front office better suited to reality television than running a baseball team, and a legion of vocally disappointed fans. Frankly, this team isn’t even good enough to play for pride.”

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