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Popular Table at Local High School Reopens After Going Co-Ed

Two of the popular boys, posing with some girls formerly forbidden from sharing a meal with them.

CAMBRIDGE, MA--In a historic move, the popular boys’ table at Cambridge Rindge & Latin School has reopened after inviting girls to sit with them. The decision, which came after weeks of conflict, has been lauded by administrators and many students as a move towards improved gender inclusivity among the school’s cool population. As popular senior Tripp Martin commented, “Yeah, like, I guess we can start letting chicks sit with us at lunch. Whatever.”

The decision follows weeks of pressure on the all-male social group’s tradition of lunchtime gender exclusivity. Principal Rebecca Sturridge, a vocal critic of the popular boys’ table, has been individually calling members to her office since last year, even reportedly phoning some of their moms. However, following the popular table’s announcement weeks ago that it would start allowing girls, a group of older members shut down the table, claiming that permitting females would “be counter to the values of our historic organization” and “would make us feel weird when we talk about boobs.”  

Until now, the popular kids have been firmly divided into a boys’ table and a girls’ table, with the two only intermingling during their 20-minute period of “outside time.” Furthermore, the popular boys have historically sat at the best table in the lunchroom (the one right next to the food line), while the girls have occupied the slightly less prime one next to the trash cans.

The two girls seen at the boys’ table today were seniors Tiffany Bartwell and Cindy Huang, widely regarded as the two most popular girls in school—at press time, both had well over 300 likes on their Facebook profile pictures. 

It is unclear whether the popular girls’ table will likewise begin inviting boys to sit with them, or if the two groups will physically push their tables together to create one large dining area. Either way, administrators and students agree that nerds, band geeks, and other uncool students will still definitely not be allowed to sit with the popular kids. “Well yeah, obviously it’s still going to be the same kids,” commented Principal Sturridge, laughing. “I mean, look at how rich and good-looking they are. Sorry nerds, I’m not a wizard.”


Image source: Samantha Jade Royds/Flickr

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