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Quentin Tarantino Writing Screenplay at Local Starbucks

The budding artist has allegedly recieved three rejection letters in the past week.

Baristas Karen and Phil have confirmed reports of the eccentric screenwriter returning to the Starbucks near his home, laptop in hand, to write his newest screenplay.

Workers describe Tarantino’s work habits as “intermittent” and “kind of clingy, if that makes sense,” while noting that he sometimes angles his screen as to be visible to those sitting nearby. He is known to the staff for his daily orders of a venti black coffee, which sits untouched as he works and sips from a caramel macchiato he ordered at the Starbucks down the street.

Customers describe him as “not knowing how to sip without gargling,” and having hours long phone conversations with his parents about “what seem to be minor details of his attempts at doing the laundry and them threatening to stop sending him checks.”

            Frequenters of the coffee shop contend that the writer makes a habit of leaving half-finished drafts lying around after leaving, usually containing Tarantino’s phone number and a note to add him on LinkedIn. This small community of coffee-addicted senior citizens and aspiring screenwriters has, however, taken it upon themselves to lend Tarantino a hand, sometimes giving him feedback on a new scene or offering an amusing anecdote from their week as inspiration.

But the locals also pity Tarantino, with Eleanor Ashwood, 83, saying “He seems like a sweet boy, and for a while I thought I might set him up with my granddaughter, but I think I should wait until he gets his head straight and applies to law school.” 

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