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Brad Pitt Loses 'R' in Brangelina Divorce Settlement

Pitt during the making of Troy, believed by many to be the last time he was this Bad.

LOS FELIZ, CA--As part of his ongoing divorce settlement, Brad Pitt, one half of the beloved Hollywood Natalie-Portmanteau "Brangelina," has reportedly lost the rights to the 'r' in his first name.

While the legal settlements are not yet concluded, Pitt seems to have already conceded defeat, saying, "I used to have some of the best name recognition in the industry. Who's going to work with Bad Pitt? Nobody, that's who!"

A source close to Pitt has reported that the Hollywood icon has been staring longingly at referees, railroads, and Rorschach tests. Pitt himself went on to add, "Yes, of course, I'm terribly upset about the loss of an eleven-year-relationship with the mother of my six children, but nobody's focusing on the larger story here! I had a fifty-two-year-relationship with my 'r!'"

Rangelina Jolie has declined to comment on the story.

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