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Commentators Lamb-ast Tom Brady, Say He’s No Longer the GOAT

It be-hooves us to mention that Brady is no longer the GOAT.

After an offensive bleatdown at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles, Tom Brady has lost his GOAT status in the minds of many football insiders.

“Yes, he’s defeated a real hooves-who of great teams,” ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith said on Around the Horn. “But it’s udderly absurd and ludicrously e-goat-istical for Patriots fans to claim that Tom Brady is undeniably the GOAT when he can’t even bleat the Eagles without their starting quarterback. That’s one of the most blasphemous things I’ve ever herd. I love you, Brady, but it's clear you're officially pasture prime.”

“Dairy say it, but Foles was the true GOAT last night,” Skip Bayless added on his show A Black Man and a White Man Shout About Sports on the TV That’s Playing in the Background of Your Local Barbershop. “Facing 4th down, he refused to be sheepish about his chances and went for it. Foles, ewe did it man. It’s now clear that cheese officially an elite quarterback.”

Scott Van Pelt echoed this analysis on SportsCenter, later saying,“Yes, when the going got gruff, the Patriots got going, and Brady helped them comeback from a 10-point deficit to tie the game. But let’s not kid ourselves: A true GOAT would have finished that comeback. I, for one, ram ready to consider other players for GOAT status."

Many Patriots fans, however, scapegoated the referees for the loss, pointing to two controversial touchdown calls that tilted the tide of the game in favor of the Eagles.

“Hoof in their right mind can seriously say those were good calls?” cried Collin Cowherd on The Herd. “This is just the latest chapter in a gruff overall season for the Pats. People who list Montana, Elway, and their milk in the same breath as Brady are fools.”

Now the only certainty surrounding Brady's GOAT status is that it's once again open to ne-goat-iation.

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