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Gay Community Bars Mormons

The famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings for an end to discrimination.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--In a statement released to leaders in the community last Thursday, the gay community has solidified its policy on the Mormon Church. The community, while historically anti-Mormon, has come out in a shocking new statement that children born in a Mormon household may not receive a gay blessing or be gay baptized until they are 18. The community further stipulated that these children would have to formally denounce Mormonism.

Backlash to this decision has been swift within the Mormon community, with more liberal members labeling this decision as “repulsive,” “exclusive,” and “something that the Mormon Church would do.” 

“The gay community has long been on record as opposing Mormonism,” spokeswoman Ellen Degeneres said in a statement. “While we respect the law of the land and acknowledge the right of others to think and act differently, we do not perform or accept Mormonism within our membership.”

However, the statement was not enough to quell the backlash external to the gay community. Lorenzo Snow, a Mormon advocate living in Salt Lake City, stated, “I just don’t follow this decision. It feels vindictive and angry, for no reason. Mormons just want to be able to love who we love.”

Snow shook his head. “We’ve always been so inclusive."


Image source: MoTabChoir01/Wikimedia

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