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Grandson of Henry Ford Dies in Most Efficient Way Possible

William Clay Ford, Sr., the last surviving grandson of notable industrialist and car manufacturer Henry Ford, died in his sleep on March 9. Analysts have waited to release this information on the speediness and optimized productivity of his death for fear that someone else would die incredibly efficiently, perhaps long-time favorite, the ever-efficient German train system. It didn’t, and the medical profession has officially endorsed Ford’s death as “the most efficient death of all time.”

“You could see his body fail one tissue at a time,” said attending physician Brian Melanoma.  “First the fingers and toes, then the limbs, then his digestive system, and finally his heart and brain.  The last to go was his penis.”

Ford, an executive at the Ford Motor Company and the Chairman of the Detroit Lions, is widely credited with several accomplishments in his role at the American car company, such as being the grandson of Henry Ford.  According to workers at the Detroit company, he seemed very nice as he gazed down at them from his office overlooking the vast network of assembly lines, robots, and fiery forges.  Production improved when he smiled.

Ford is also credited with improving the efficiency of the Detroit Lions football franchise, by cutting down on costs like fans and wins. 

 He was a good friend.  He will be missed.

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