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Leaked: GOP Demands for the Tax Bill

The Senate GOP is cooking up some demands for the tax bill.

The Republican Tax Plan just passed the House. What does the Senate GOP want in order to pass the bill? Satire V has obtained a list of some of the demands:

  1. Full tax exemption for gold doubloons
  2. 69% tax on the sexually promiscuous
  3. Extra mayonnaise in all potato salads in the Congressional cafeteria
  4. 10,000 curses upon the Clinton name
  5. Funding for a Senate "man cave"
  6. Free chocolates to the first 100 corporations to move back to the US
  7. $1 to every American citizen "as a little seed money for your small business or for paying the rent!"
  8. Another season of Firefly
  9. Dave's Netflix password
  10. More taxes but only for Dave
  11. A tax on tweets complaining about taxes
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