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List of Things in Better Shape than the GOP

This photo of inside the RNC's headquarters was taken moments ago.

After a recording of Donald Trump making misogynistic comments about women emerged this weekend, many in the Republican Party have denounced the party's nominee. Some believe the already-fragmented GOP has reached its breaking point. But just how bad is it? Satire V has compiled a list of things that are in better shape than the Grand Old Party:

  • The Hindenburg
  • The Titanic (post-iceberg)
  • Titanic (post-three hour mark)
  • Print journalism
  • The Bull Moose Party
  • Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's marriage
  • Donald Trump's marriage(s)
  • Blockbuster Video
  • Harvard University's endowment
  • Yale University
  • Hillary Clinton's immune system
  • The American middle class
  • Rudy Giuliani
  • Rudy Giuliani for President 2008
  • Chris Christie
  • Chris Christie for President 2016
  • Celebrity chef Guy Fieri
  • The polar ice caps
  • Russo-American relations
  • The country as a whole before we started this hellish nightmare we call an election


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