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Mathematicians Find World Series Converges to Boston

a visual representation of the sum of the World Series.

FENWAY PARK -- After extensive research on the subject, mathematicians at Northeastern University have determined that the World Series in fact converges to Boston if summed to infinity.

“Much like the geometric series of 1/(2^n) or the near-infinite series of ‘Dunkin stores in Boston,’ after solving for the World Series, we found it converges on Boston nearly every time,” explained head researcher Robert McOwen.

Previous findings, mainly out of New York University, had shown that the World Series must converge on the Bronx, but McOwen showed that this has not been true in over a decade. “Once again the team from New York has made an error,” said one postdoc fielding questions on Monday.

Beyond the theoretical work, the new findings will be tested by example, as the Los Angeles Dodgers play the Red Sox in the fifth term of the Series tonight.

“This Series is a new one for me,” said Dodgers outfielder Chris Taylor, who is mainly known in the math world for his approximations of functions when x is close to 0. “I’m just gonna focus on myself, and take each at bat one integral at a time.” 

Red Sox manager Alex Cora was pleased to hear that there were mathematical indications that his team would be successful in the long-term, but we was wary not too get too far ahead. “Anything is possible with a sample size of 7.”

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