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Obama Starting to Regret Missing CS50 Office Hours

Help from pre-schoolers counts as "reasonable" collaboration, right?

Washington, DC—A visibly frustrated Barack Obama stared at the lines of code on his computer screen.

“David went over this in lecture,” Obama sighed, referring to the live stream he participated in as a student in CS50’s edX course, “it made sense at the time, but now I’m doing it for real and there are errors all over the place.”

Explaining that the walkthrough on the course website made it look easy, he admitted that he was having trouble completing Problem Set 4: Implement a National Health Insurance Marketplace. “I thought I had created a pretty robust account creation system, but then when I ran it through valgrind [a memory usage evaluator] it turned out that I had 26 PETABYTES worth of memory leakage. How does that even work?”

Obama told reporters in a late-night press conference that he sincerely regretted missing Wednesday’s “virtual office hours” video chat session led by his TF, a 19-year-old sophomore in Quincy. “I thought my notes would have the answer to why the insurance plan comparison page is just generating random negative numbers, but I was wrong. Let me be clear: I have already sent Jaime a personal email apologizing for the error and asking if he has time between midterms to help me out.”

“Taking the course for a letter grade was a mistake,” the President added, “I should have followed Kathleen [Sebelius]’s lead and gone pass/fail. She just found a picture of a smiling woman on Google, wrote “” on the top in Microsoft Paint, and turned it in. That’s worth full credit, apparently.”

The Problem Set was assigned in 2010 and was officially due October 1st, but Press Secretary Jay Carney announced last week that the Justice Department would be petitioning for a 6-month retroactive extension.

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