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"Other" Surges In Polls After Defeating Jim Gilmore In Iowa Caucus

Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore is kept on his toes by the up-and-coming "Other", to whom voters claim they can easily relate.
CONCORD, NH -- While Marco Rubio's impressive third-place finish has received most of the attention following Monday's Iowa Republican Caucus, an outsider candidate known as "Other" is gaining increasing visibility and nationwide support after outpolling Jim Gilmore in the caucus, with 119 votes to the former Virginia governor's 12.
"We're seeing an outpouring of populist support that is unparalleled in the Republican Party's recent history," announced RNC chairman Reince Priebus in a prepared statement. "What should be clear to all of us in the party's establishment is that rank-and-file Republicans are desperately clamoring to hear a voice that does not belong to any of the seventeen men and women who were or are candidates for our party's nomination."
A composite of the roughly 33,651,518 registered Republicans who were not listed as candidates in the Iowa Caucus, "Other", having easily outpolled a war hero and popular former governor of a large swing state by a ratio of nearly ten to one, appears to have massive staying power, remaining in the race even as more popular candidates like Senator Rand Paul and former Governor Mike Huckabee have suspended their campaigns. It is now believed to be in striking distance of Jeb Bush as the New Hampshire primary approaches.
"Other", however, still has a while ago to before coming close to "Undecided", an up-and-comer currently polling at 8 percent in the New Hampshire Republican Primary, 7 percent in the New Hampshire Democratic Primary, and 25 percent in the Arizona U.S. Senate election.
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