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Peyton Manning to Replace "Omaha" with "Pepsi" at Super Bowl

Netflix has also offered a flat $5 million to any player who can give an endorsement after sustaining a moderate to severe concussion.

In response to the overwhelming demand for Sunday’s highly coveted Super Bowl advertising slots, soft drink manufacturer PepsiCo has entered into an agreement with Colorado-based TV commercial actor and occasional football player Peyton Manning, under which the Denver Broncos QB will replace his recognizable “Omaha” audible with the name of the iconic beverage for Super Bowl XLVIII.

 “We are very excited to have Peyton on board for this exciting advance in marketing,” Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi revealed in a press release Thursday when the story broke. “Commercial breaks simply aren’t enough exposure for viewers to get to know our products. Other companies have had some success with the ‘Red Bull Red Zone’ and the ‘Liberty Mutual Two-Minute Warning,’ but we owe it to our consumer base to reach them in new and innovative ways.”

 The contract for Manning’s appearance specifies that the “Pepsi” call must be used either during the second quarter or at any time when the score differential with the Seahawks is no greater than 5.

 “Upon receiving the snap,” the contract goes on,  “Mr. Manning will, in addition, comment, ‘Boy, I sure could use an ice cold Pepsi™ right about now,’ before relinquishing control of the football. Ideally, this remark will be referrenced in the FOX network’s ‘Sounds of the Game’ segment.”

 The contract also scales Manning’s compensation for his participation based on the result of the subsequent play. If he is sacked or the play results in a turnover, his pay will be docked by half; if he throws a touchdown pass, however, he will be paid double.

Sources reveal that a similar offer was made to Seattle Seahawks corner Richard Sherman to plug the FX sitcom Anger Management during his post-game interview. The offer was declined.

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