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Breaking: Elon Musk Lands First Rocket on Rocket

Elon Musk on a Rocket
Elon Musk in a rocket rocket rocket on a rocket rocket.

EARTH—In humanity’s latest effort to spit in the face of its creator, tech deity Elon Musk and space exploration firm Space X landed the first rocket on a rocket today.

“I’m tellin’ you guys, this is fucking dope,” said Musk, “The future of space travel requires a big, big rocket that can shoot up fucking high as shit into the heavens and then blast back down and land on another big, big rocket! Ohhhhhhhh yeah!”

Experts are saying this is the most significant achievement in the pa—

Breaking: Musk Lands First Rocket Rocket on a Rocket Rocket

In what many are calling “Rocketception” and others are calling “Actually not reflective of the plot or themes highlighted in Christopher Nolan’s hit 2010 film Inception,” Elon Musk shocked the world by landing the first rocket landed on a rocket on a rocket landed on a rocket.

“Guys, I fucking did it again,” said Musk, taking a huff of Tesla battery acid. “You thought I couldn’t top that last thing? Well guess again! I just detonated millions of pounds of explosives under 200,000 pounds of steel, sent it into the cosmos, and brought it all back into one rocket rocket rocket rocket conglomerate! This is the future. I am the future.”

Experts are saying that this probably can’t be taken any furth—

Breaking: Musk Lands First Rocket Rocket Rocket Rocket on Rocket Rocket Rocket Rocket in his Rocket Pocket with Energy from an Electrical Rocket Socket to Pop it, Lock it, and Rock it

Finally, we have achieved the real dreams of our ancestors by landing the first rocket pocket rocket socket rocket rocket rocket rocket rocket rocket rocket rocket.

“Are you seeing this shit?” said Musk as he penetrated his chest with a 25-inch Katana, engineered and constructed by an artificial intelligence-controlled 3D printer. “They say you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Well I rocket 100% of the rockets I fucking rocket, you brainless sheeple. Elon is transcendent. I am alone in the universe—it’s just me versus the gods.”

Experts are s— 

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