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Extreme Outdoor Inuit Tribe Secures Sponsor for 5,038th Season

Northeast Greenland –-- As the Oodaq tribe prepares for another year of existence, the corporate world takes notice.
Despite rumors of backing out after top hunter Tulugaak suffered a minor injury in December, Nike remains interested in sponsoring the tribe's upcoming August-June winter season.  “We are very proud of the confidence that Nike has shown in our athletes, our organization, and our vision,”  general manager and assistant shaman Igaluk Tiqriganiannig said in a press release Monday.  He added that the tribe has taken measures to prevent flesh wounds, including an upgrade in spearheads and a plan to avoid elephant seals altogether.
The tribe’s track record over December has only helped revitalize this confidence.  “After regional success, they really seemed to be in form” said Nike's CEO Mark Parker.  This year, they swept nearby challengers of the Qaanaaq tribe in tool production, body mass index, and fertility rate.  Parker added that the Oodaaq tribe embodies Nike's image and core values: style, function, and storing fat.
This is not the first time that the Oodaaq tribe has received attention. In December, the Discovery Channel filmed “Bear Grylls – 24 Hours in Extreme Wilderness” just south of their camp. When asked about the recent visit of the famed survival expert, Tulugaak said that he and his tribe have indeed hunted the bear before and plan to do so with extra fervor this season, because they will need its meat.
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