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Who Said It: Katie Lapp or Fetty Wap?

Katie Lapp, Trap Queen?

1.     “You may drop off donations at some open house locations.” 

2.     “When I go to clubs I don’t have to wait outside.”  

3.     “When I go to final clubs I don’t have to wait outside.” 

4.     “Eustace! What is that strange contraption? It’s got the likeness of a horse carriage made of tin!”

5.     “Counting all this bread I don’t talk to feds”

6.     “Counting all this bread I don’t talk to HUDS workers”

7.     “I do this for my squad, I do this for my gang, it’s Zoovie from the trap and ain’t a damn thing change”

8.     “generally speaking, you should assume that we are open.”

9.     “I am my own mentor. I like to listen to myself to improve.”

10.  “Our primary focus in the short term will be to lease some visible, strategically placed properties. We want to continue to enhance the vitality of Allston, bring people into Allston, and create the type of activity that we know the community would like to see.”

11.  “Walk past me, I press rewind, to see that ass one more time.” 


1.     Katie Lapp

2.     Fetty Wap

3.     Katie Lapp and/or Dean of Fresh Tommy D

4.     "The Confession" Amish Katie Lapp (Google it)

5.     Post-Lent Fetty Wap

6.     Katie Lapp-- its been a semester, don’t tell me its “too soon”

7.     Fetty Wap

8.     Katie Lapp talking about FAS, not about their admissions policy 

9.     Who knew Fetty Wap was section kid?

10.  Katie Lapp

11.  Fetty Wap/VES concentrators 



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