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“It was a mistake. I was drunk, and I still love you,” Says Freshman Caught Cheating on CS50

CS50 claims it is "better than" taking Benson back after his cheating, and that he's just a "sad boy who doesn't understand what 'reasonable' means."

CAMBRIDGE, MA – In a leaked email sent to CS50 after he was called to the Honor Council, Kevin J. Benson ‘20, who cheated on problem sets in the course, wrote: “[Cheating] was a mistake, I was drunk, and I still love you.”

“She didn’t mean anything to me. Please forgive me,” Benson went on in reference to xoxocodegrl99, the GitHub user whose code he was accused of forking one drunken night out of a hot, passionate desire to finish as fast as possible. "She was there, and I wasn't thinking straight, and it was too tempting. But she didn't mean anything to me. I swear to David J. Malan!"

Benson’s plea comes after a recent report stated that more than 60 CS50 students faced academic dishonesty charges this past fall semester. This report accompanies a number of other statistics regarding that semester of CS50, including data that suggests over 60 percent of the class was just using it to get a free t-shirt, while the other 40 percent was hoping CS50 would take them out to dinner.

When asked for comment, Benson responded, “If you see 50– that was my little pet name for CS50– please ask it to take me back. I’m nothing without it.” Sources say that Benson, though ashamed of his actions, still plans to complete a sweet internship at Facebook in Menlo Park this summer.

While CS50 could not be reached for comment, close friend of the course Ec10 reports that it was "better off without [Benson] anyway" and that there were "plenty of other gullible freshmen in the sea."

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